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Mark Pedersen


Photoshop Power user

" My passion for photography started in the unlikely realm of photographing the night sky. My early love for physical astronomy, turned quickly to astro-photography, a specialized niche hobby (for the amature ) at the time. Hours were spent capturing a single image on film, and many more in development and printing. Atop the magical Mt. Pinos in Southern California, I captured these early images, and never dreamed where the craft might take me.

After two years taking only images at night, with a strong technical back ground steeped in black and white film fixer, and photo-flow, I took my first day-lit photos. It was 1989, I had a bag full of lenses, two chunky Minolta SRT 101 Camera bodies, and a new craft to pursue! I worked many odd photo-shoots, from Bands to weddings, to bike races. From April to October each year I shot Corporate picnics every weekend in the Malibu hills. Then in 1993 I got a little program called Photoshop, (It still fit on a 3.5 floppy disk at that time) Then in 1994 the new version came out (V3.0) and with it the "Layers" function; and digital photography would never be the same!

For the next 6 years I had the privilege of working as an assistant to the great photo-master John Bennett. He shot large format film product photography for a prolific mouse in Burbank. During this time, the cutting edge photographers "in the know" began the transition to Digital capture. In what seems like an instant, sheet film and Polaroids where gone, and mega-pixels, and CD burns were in!

In 2001, I returned to selling high-end Telescopes for Woodland Hills Cameras. Digital astro-photography had come of age, and the hobby exploded into the mainstream. I did personal telescope system set ups, trade shows, and honed super-specialized Photoshop processing techniques. My passion for photography never wained, and I was always challenging my self with different venues, from multi-exposure narrow-band astro-imaging to super-long exposure night scene photography using the light of the full moon.

In 2005 I moved to Colorado, and in early 2006 I started working as the in-house photographer for American Furniture Warehouse. In 2011 I produced my first photography book "In the spirit of Colorado", it was my largest personal project to date with over 30,000 images shot, and hundreds of hours of post processing and production.

In the Fall of 2012, work began on my first photography app. Photo-Copilot . It was released in July 2013. It has helped 100's of new photographic minded users expand their understanding of the technical aspects of the modern digital capture with DSLR cameras.

In July 2014 I left AFW, I am currently shooting freelance photography full time. My current client list includes some of the states top Real Estate agents, and Architectural firms.


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