Explore the Denver Skyline

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Photo CoPilot FAQs


Photo CoPilot FAQs

Q: Are all of Photo CoPilot's features compatable with my camera?
A: If you can set your camera in Manual mode, yes all the apps features will work with your camera, this includes all DSLRs, Most Mirrorless cameras and many High-end Point and shoot digital cameras, as well as all film based cameras that have manual control. You must be able to sent the Shutter speed (Also called Time Value or TV), Aperture (Also called f-stop or Aperture Value AV) and be able to adjust the ISO setting. Check your cameras operating manual for more info on setting you camera in Manual.

Q: Will the exposure calculator always return the perfect exposure for a given scene?
A: No, in fact not even top of the line professional cameras can always give a perfect exposure, there are just too many variables involved in metering the light to always be correct. That's were Photo Copilot comes in, and really shines! Once a scene or Exposure value situation is selected, you can use the exposure compensation feature to get the correct exposure. You can also take a test exposure, and preview the results on your cameras LCD screen. The important thing to remember is that Photo-CoPilot will lock in the most important aspect of the exposure (Being the Shutter Speed or Aperture) for the scene you have selected, and when you compensate the exposure, it will only adjust the less important of the two (TV or AV) so the results will be correct.