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total solar eclipse of the sun Aug 21st 2017

The Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun August 21st 2017

An event of a lifetime for everyone in the shade!


Plans are in motion! MILLIONS of people will travel from around the globe to see the Eclipse...will you be one of them?

Why is this Eclipse so special?

ITS A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN - and you don't have to take an airplane over Greenland, or a boat out in the middle of nowhere to see it.

This is the first Eclipse visible exclusively in the contiguous United States.

Over 220 Million people in the US, live within a days drive of the path of totality.

The Eclipse will cross 14 states from the Pacific North West to the East Coast.

Totality occurs only in a narrow path (50 mile or so) .... if you are not in the path you will not see the total solar eclipse!

You can read about an eclipse, and watch all the videos on them you want, but to experience this life altering event- YOU MUST BE THERE!

Here are the best links I found in my research, hope they help you plan the trip of a lifetime!

- Lapacca


The best overall website for the Eclipse :

This guy has seen 12 Total Solar Eclipses! Learn from his experience!

eclipse2017 covers everything you need to know about the eclipse.

What, where, and when, weather, even links to local events.

This is the GO TO for any and all that is the 2017-08-21 Eclipse!


For quick reference here are some specific links...


The best Googlemaps link - CLICK HERE - Wow! click anywhere on the map for complete info

What you will see -  CLICK HERE

Why you need to be in THE PATH OF TOTALITY ( A partial Eclipse is almost no Eclipse ) - CLICK HERE

Path of Totality across Nebraska - CLICK HERE


disclamer: lots of times there are clouds and you see NO Eclipse

make sure your plans include an Escape Plan for troublesome weather!

don't look at the Sun, unless its TOTALLY Eclipsed by the moon

you can go blind if you look at ANY magnified view of the Sun

with out a proper solar radiation filter affixed to the objective lens

buy safe viewing glasses and filters HERE






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